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Our Happy Baby® Nutty Blends™ are delicious purees of familiar fruits mixed with peanut and tasty tree nuts – our recipes use walnut, peanut, almond, and cashew butters! Developed with pediatric allergists for a convenient way to include new nutty tastes in baby’s diet.

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Feeding Peanuts & Tree Nuts to Baby

We blended familiar fruits with 1g peanut or tree nut protein to provide a smooth, easy to swallow puree to help you feed baby new nutty tastes! We created Nutty Blends™ so you can conveniently introduce baby to peanuts and tree nuts, one at a time, and continue to include them in baby’s regular diet.

Happy Baby® Nutty Blends™ are produced in a separate facility from our nut-free pouches. Always consult your pediatrician before introducing allergens to your baby.


This Is What’s Inside:










1g peanut protein

We blended ½ tsp of organic peanut butter with banana puree – inspired by a classic combo, developed for baby’s taste.


1g walnut protein

Featuring a recipe that combines 1 tsp of organic walnut butter with apple puree, we gave this favorite fruit a tasty twist!


1g almond protein

We mixed ½ tsp of organic almond butter with banana puree for a great new take on an old favorite.


1g cashew protein 

Organic pear puree and 1 tsp of cashew butter come together in a pear-fect blend for developing palates.

Hear From our Team


Angela, Certified RD & LDN

“Happy Baby® Nutty Blends™ are a convenient way to introduce your baby to peanuts and tree nuts one by one. Blended with a familiar fruit puree, it’s smooth & non-sticky, making it easier for you to introduce and include these allergens in a not-so-intimidating way that your baby will love the taste of.”


Anne Laraway, Mom in Chief

“My oldest son had his first allergic reaction to peanuts at 7 months old. When my second son was born, I wanted to be able to introduce him to peanuts and tree nuts as a baby (early and often) in my case without putting my older son, who has severe food allergies, at risk. I take this line very seriously, and it is my hope that these products can help all parents who are looking for a way to introduce or include allergens in their baby’s diets.”

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Want to know more about introducing peanuts and tree nuts in baby’s diet? Our team of registered dietitians (and all moms!) are available on our free, live chat to offer support and helpful tips. Available: 8am–8pm (EST) Mon-Fri &
 8am–4pm (EST) Sat-Sun

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